Go Phonics Reading Program helps Struggling Readers

Go Phonics is explicit, sequential, multisensory phonics for reading AND spelling featuring phonics readers supported by 50 phonics fluency games, workbooks... The Go Phonics Program is comprehensive phonics WITH K-2 language arts, AND it's Orton Gillingham based intervention for dyslexia, and struggling readers (problems learning to read or with gaps in the foundational skills---needed for reading, writing, and spelling from third grade on). Teacher developed, Go Phonics helps you directly address a student's needs using highly strategized phonics based lesson plans with engaging integrated materials.

With this balanced reading program, systematic phonics lesson plans steer the course, integrating the K-2 foundation of literacy skills: alphabet (name, formation, sound), phonemic awareness, phonics (explicit, sequential, simultaneous multisensory), reading, handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, K-2 language arts, and creative writing suggestions. In building block fashion, skills are taught and practiced with games, worksheets, songs, activities... then applied in the Go Phonics Readers (93% decodable and cumulative). A step at a time, students learn, practice, connect, and apply skills, plus reinforce previous skills. This streamlines the learning process and boosts student achievement.

Grades K-2nd Curriculum & RTI Response to Intervention K-4th and older

Used with success by: Reading specialists (Title 1, LAP, RTI, Transition Programs, Special Ed, Learning Differences), speech/language therapists, tutors, classroom teachers, parents, home educators...

Home educators find Go Phonics to be effective for ALL learning styles: for dyslexia / LLD (language learning difficulties), reading or spelling problems,those who learn differently or need an engaging/hands-on program, for the accelerated beginning reader because it minimizes confusion and provides a streamlined, comprehensive foundation that avoids gaps.

“My oldest daughter has dyslexia and I struggled through many different
programs. Go Phonics has turned her failures into triumphs.She’s reading at grade level. Her confidence has soared! I’m currently using the program to teach my 5-year old daughter. I would heartily recommend Go Phonics.
The success it has achieved with two very different learning styles, attests to its versatility and effectiveness.”
Kim King-NJ---home school advisor and 15-year home educator

Teachers, tutors, and parents truly enjoy this program. Why? Go Phonics is written by Sylvia S. Davison, a dedicated career teacher of beginning struggling readers at the elementary level for over 40 years (18 years teaching whole classes of 2nd grade dyslexic students, then tutoring beginning readers K-9). She authored the Go Phonics Teacher's Guide: user friendly, phonics based lesson plans with the structure, strategies, tips, techniques, rules...needed to teach phonics for reading and spelling. In Go Phonics, Orton Gillingham based strategies and techniques help solve difficulties with reversals, handwriting, spelling, retention, directionality, blends, fluency, comprehension...

Go Phonics Integrated Tools Turn Students On:
Go Phonics 7 Volumes of Decodable Stories are highly controlled, 93% decodable, phonetically sequenced, and cumulative. They are the vital component that enables students to apply their phonics and language arts skills in over 600 pages of meaningful text to life stories AS SKILLS ARE TAUGHT. With ongoing practice tying phonics skills to reading, students make the connection.

"For years we have used your reading (materials) in our primary. In 25 years of teaching reading, I can say that these readers are the best published materials I have ever seen." Lynne Simpkins, Language Lab Reading Specialist--Holy Family School, Auburn, WA

5 Workbooks support the lessons' phonics, language arts, comprehension skills...many to be applied in the story at the end of each lesson.

Go Phonics 50 Game Set provide engaging word decoding fluency practice AND opportunities for vocabulary enrichment. Over 1400 hands-on game cards (plus 12 boards and 3 spinners) help train the brain to more quickly process the codes to blend the sounds in words. Each phonics game focuses on the lesson's phonics skills (for ck: sack, crack, black, stuck, quick, block...) preparing students to more fluently read (decode) words in a body of text.

"This is a tremendous program. The lesson guides have been very clear. It’s all right there. My daughter has really glommed-on to the games. What really makes it for us is the games. Shirley Hein–home educator, AK

Go Phonics uses a Research-Based approach supported in the National Reading Panel Research Report findings. Go Phonics has also been evaluated and approved by the California Department of Education for legal and social content.
It is secular AND Christian friendly

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