Go Phonics
Builds Reading Skills in 90+ Decodable Stories

Using decodable, sequenced phonics readers is vital to reading success. As students learn the phonetic codes they apply the skills to reading
AS THEY ARE TAUGHT. Go Phonics readers are 93% decodable and cumulative. They support explicit phonics lessons in an Orton-Gillingham based phonics sequence that minimizes confusion. Now, as you teach a new phonics code, pattern, language arts skill... you can link it to meaningful stories students can really read!

A parent remarked, “When my daughter reads the Go Phonics stories, she can read every word. When she reads out of the other book, she reads words incorrectly and guesses.”

Now with 7 Decodable Storybook Volumes
Use them to supplement, or with the Go Phonics Program/materials.

Scat! - Short a Stories (110pages/8 stories)
The Fat Cat - Short Vowel Stories (86p/22 stories)
Jack's Cap - More Short Vowel Stories (96p/21 stories)
Sue and Joe's Pies- Long Vowel Stories (64p/9 stories)
Noses and Roses - More Long Vowel Stories* (64p/9 stories)
My Turn - Stories With Vowels Controlled by r and l (86p/10 stories)
Cooking on the Front Burner - Stories With More Vowel Pairs (118p/13 stories)

"For four years we have used your reading (materials) in our primary. In 25 years of teaching reading, I can say that these readers are the best published materials I have ever seen."
Lynne Simpkins, Reading Specialist--Holy Family, WA

"These stories, with their delightful illustrations and logical text, would compliment any multisensory phonics-based instructional program"
Marcia Henry--Past President, International Dyslexia Assoc.

"I teach children...and 30 to 40-year old adults as well. Your books are precious to them. They're text-to-world; they're about science... You introduce the mechanics of our language at a very early level. You have prepositional phrases... The stories get longer as they get more advanced, so I can have the students do book reports. I truly have not seen anything that matches your books for teaching beginning reading on a phonics level."
Kathy Jensen--Reading Specialist, NY

Sylvia S. Davison, Author
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