Go Phonics provides a strong foundation for ANY beginning reader.
Featuring 50 phonics games, this program has integrated tools
that support its Orton Gillingham based multisensory method
for teaching beginning readers (ideal for dyslexia).

Games, games, and more phonics games...

The Go Phonics Reading Program features 50 phonics games for
fun word decoding fluency practice -- the needed practice for reading success.

Each game supports an explicit phonics lesson,
focusing on words with the sound being taught.

"This is a great way to teach reading.  The children love playing the Go Phonics games, and they're really learning their sounds." Gail M. -- 1st grade teacher

"I like the way you teach one sound at a time and that each game focuses on just one sound. Thanks to this program, my son is no longer in remedial reading and is making great progress."  Debbie V. -- parent

"This is a tremendous program. The lessons have been very clear. It's all right there. My daughter has really glommed-on to the games. What really makes it for us is the games."   Shirley H. -- home educator

Scat! Short a Stories for reading early on
LEVEL 1: Letters of the Alphabet--Name, Formation, and Sound
After 15 letters have been taught, reading has REALLY begun and the student
begins reading 8 short a stories (110 pages)

NOW 7 Decodable Storybook Volumes
Scat! - Short a Stories (110p/8 stories)
The Fat Cat - Short Vowel Stories (86pp/22 stories)
Jack's Cap - More Short Vowel Stories (96pp/21 stories)
Sue and Joe's Pies- Long Vowel Stories (64 pp/9 stories)
Noses and Roses - More Long Vowel Stories* (64 pp/9 stories)
My Turn - Stories With Vowels Controlled by r and l (86 pp/10 stories)
Cooking on the Front Burner - Stories With More Vowel Pairs (118 pp/13 stories)

93% decodable and cumulative in a phonics building block sequence
that's Orton-Gillingham based and compatible
Non-decodable words introduced gradually and taught prior to reading

5 Workbooks, Levels 1-5:
Go Phonics workbooks provide preparation for reading,
writing practice, grammar, punctuation, comprehension, and fluency.
Workbooks include: letter formation and sound identification,
spelling skills for the 42 sounds, learning to blend, rhyme, distinguish words
with the same beginning and different ending, writing simple sentences,
color identification, distinguishing in and on, Mr. and Mrs.,
compound words, past tense, ing, ed, silent e, 1-1-1 rule,
contractions, abbreviations, possessives, suffixes, crossword puzzles,
reading phrases, multisyllabic words, punctuation, comprehension ...
all taught as they can be applied to reading each story.

LEVEL 1: Letters of the Alphabet
LEVEL 2: Short Vowels 
LEVEL 3: Long Vowels 
LEVEL 4: Vowels Controlled by r and l
LEVEL 5: More Vowel Pairs

type style
Go Phonics type provides 
a smoother transition to cursive writing.

Word Lists Book - 2nd Edition, Revised
Word Lists, Categorized by the Basic Sounds of the English Language
Part of the kit and also sold separately, this book is a handy reference guide for
quickly accessing lists of words for the different sounds of the English language.
It also provides definitions, as well as spelling and reading rules.
It's a must desk companion for any phonics instructor.

Songbook with CD
Songbook features teaching tips, written music (sheet, chords, words) along with a CD with voice tracks and just the instrumental tracks.

Songs, poems, and raps cover: phonemic awareness, letter recognition, rhyming words, punctuation, color recognition, recognition of short vowel sounds, digraphs sh, ch, ck, nouns, adjectives, verbs, ing, syllables.

NEW: Go Phonics Basic Skills Assessments
The Go Phonics Basic Skills Assessments User's Manual and Student Book
are designed to determine a student’s knowledge of phonics.
They can be used for assessment, evaluation, or screening.
Assessments for phonics are both visual and auditory (with handwriting observed).
Also included are assessments for nonsense syllables and red flag words,
leveled decodable stories, and comprehension questions.

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