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Key Word Card Set of 96, Levels 1-5
SUPPLEMENT: This set of 96 full color illustrated cards supports teaching each phonetic code: alphabet, digraphs, trigraphs, and phonograms. Similar to the Key Word Charts, they're ideal for group instruction.  5.5" x 7.5"   GPCD9602
Teaching Tools
Teacher’s Guide, Levels 1-5
This Teacher’s Guide is for direct instruction by parents, teachers, tutors, aides... to teach beginning and struggling readers. Phonics-based lessons use an Orton-Gillingham approach (explicit, systematic, multisensory), and tie in the language arts skills. Effective for dyslexia/LLD, it includes strategies, rules, time saving tips, procedures... GPTG5001
Basic Skills Assessments Levels 1-5
These assessments help to know where to start, find gaps, and measure progress. They cover phonemic awareness, phonics, nonsense syllables, choices for spelling a sound, spelling words, handwriting, reading, and comprehension. Manual and student book print from a CD. GPBSA200
2 Card Games for Level 1
These two game card sets add to the activities for Level 1 in the Teacher’s Guide.  They target letter-sound recognition and applying skills to read short astories as the alphabet is being taught.  They come in the Go Phonics 50 Game Set, and are added to the Basic Kit when purchased without the game set. GPCDL106
Key Word Chart Set
3 Key Word Charts: cover 96 key words, illustrations, and codes for teaching the letters (in alphabetical order), and the digraphs, trigraphs, phonograms (in the order they’re taught and are in the stories). 1 Prefix and Suffix Chart: These are the most commonly used, with definitions.  11” x 17” color wall charts GPCH4001
Letter Card Set of 108
The set of 108 Letter Cards (Levels 1-5) is for daily visual review of sounds taught—vowels, consonants, digraphs, trigraphs, and phonongrams. Cards are on heavy index cover stock (pink for vowels, white for consonants), with head, belt, and foot lines. De-perforating required. GPLC0108
Word Lists book - 2nd Edition Revised
Categorized by the Phonetic Sounds of the English Language
This book has over 140 phonetically based lists and useful reading and spelling rules. It’s a time saver for developing games, spelling lists, and text for phonics instruction — primary level and beyond. GPWL2100
Songbook w/CD
Songs for Learning to Read has songs, raps, and poems about letter sounds, rhyme, phonetic rules... They help students grasp and retain language concepts (nouns, verbs, adjectives...). Songbook has written music, chords, and an audio CD (female voice with piano). GPSO1001

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