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Go Phonics Decodable Books

Over 90 authentic, illustrated decodable stories are in a phonics building block sequence to support Go Phonics lessons. Phonics skills are applied in reading as they are taught, always making the connection. These are real life stories students can relate to. This is key to reading success. Go Phonics 7 decodable storybooks (600+ pages) are like chapter books. Each volume covers a level from Letters of the Alphabet to More Vowel Pairs. The phonics sequence is Orton-Gillingham based. First it supports proper letter formation, starting with the easiest letter to form. Next the short vowel sequence minimize confusion. Then phonograms (long vowels, vowels controlled by r and l, and more vowel pairs) are in patterns and relationships that make sense and promote retention.

Go Phonics practice tools prepare students: 50 phonics games (fluency, accuracy, vocabulary) and worksheets (phonics with the language arts). Download Go Phonics Overview for catalog, scope, sequence, sample decodable stories and lessons.

Set of 7 Decodable Books (storybook volumes):

Level 1 Alphabet Scat! - Short a Stories 110p
L2 The Fat Cat - Short Vowel Stories 86p
L2 Jack’s Cap - More SV Stories 96p
L3 Sue and Joe’s Pies - Long Vowel Stories 64p

L3 Noses and Roses - More LV Stories 64p
L4 My Turn - Vowels Controlled by r & l 86p
L5 Cooking on the Front Burner - More Vowel Pairs 118p
Purchase the set of 7 titles, or by title. Discounts on quantity orders. To purchase, visit our online STORE)

Good, decodable text is why we chose Go Phonics.

I wanted a phonics program with books our kids can really read, and practice sounding out meaningful text. Otherwise they just memorize, or stumble and guess (which hurts comprehension). In Go Phonics lessons they’re applying new and previous skills in a delightful story—over 90% decodable. That’s about as pure as it gets in decodable text.
F. Troutman, Curriculum Director – AZ

Even my adult students love Go Phonics readers!

I teach children and 30 to 40-year old adults as well. Your books are precious to them. They’re funny, text to world, include science... You introduce the mechanics of our language at a very early level. You have prepositional phrases... The stories get longer as you get more advanced, so they can do book reports. I truly have not seen anything that matches your books for teaching beginning reading on a phonics level.
Kathy J., reading specialist – NY

Go Phonics readers helped streamline my guided reading.

Go Phonics gives me a clear progression of skills, lots of practice, and flexibility so I can have more students in a level and fewer reading groups. I use our (school’s) leveled books for additional reading practice.
Monica H., first grade teacher - WI


Go Phonics Program Overview with strategies, scope, sequence, sample lessons, stories, pricing:
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