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Key Word Card Set of 96, Levels 1-5

SUPPLEMENT: This set of 96 full color illustrated cards supports teaching each phonetic code: alphabet, digraphs, trigraphs, and phonograms. Similar to the Key Word Charts, they're ideal for group instruction.  5.5" x 7.5"   GPCD9602


Teacher* Edition Basic Kit

Includes: Levels 1-5 program instructional materials for teaching a student.This offering is for teachers and tutors. It comes with *black line master permission (BLMP) for the set of 5 workbooks and specific items. The two Level 1 card games will be added. When Level 2 begins, order the Go Phonics 50 Game Set for the vital word decoding practice (see Special Offer). GPTB2105



Home** Edition Basic Kit

Includes: Levels 1-5 program instructional materials to teach a student. This offering is for parents and home educators, with 1 set of **consumable workbooks. The two Level 1 card games are added. When Level 2 begins, order the Go Phonics 50 Game Set for the vital word decoding practice (see Special Offer). GPHB2106


Teacher* Program Package, Levels 1-5

This offering for teachers and tutors includes: the Go Phonics 50 Game Set and Teacher* Edition Basic Kit with *Blackline master permission (BLMP) to duplicate for/use with multiple students in your teacher setting: the 5 workbooks, assessments, and blackline masters for 3 short stories (excerpts from Level 1 storybook) and 5 B&W charts. GPTP3105


Home** Program Package

Includes: Home** Edition Basic Kit (Levels 1-5 instructional materials) and Go Phonics 50 Game Set (the word decoding practice). This offering is for parents and home educators, with 5 workbooks that are **consumable -- to be written in or used by 1 student. For additional students, order more workbooks - by the set or by title/level. GPHB3106



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