Go Phonics 50 Game Set, Levels 1-5



Go Phonics 50 Game Set, Levels 1-5

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This set of 50 phonics games provides the practice and repetition students need to build reading fluency. Each game focuses on reading (decoding) words that support of an explicit phonics lesson (including beginning and ending consonant blends). Many of these words will appear in the new story and in future stories. Others have been chosen for discussing words and their meanings.

  • Fun, interactive word decoding practice
  • Valuable preparation for reading success
  • Builds fluency and code identification for automaticity
  • Add word play - word meanings, clichés, expressions 
Product Code: GPGM3100
ISBN-13: 978-1933546506



Go Phonics 50 Game Set includes:

• Over 1400 game cards   
• 11 full color laminated game boards  
• 4 spinner cards
• Game Rules Guide  
• 2 game card trays, carry case
• Game pieces
     Some de-perforating & assembly required

Practice Vital to Reading Fluency:

For those who CAN'T memorize words, this gives them LOTS of sounding-out practice applying the code they just learned. Their ability to read the word on each card improves right before your eyes: At first they can’t, then they stumble, then they can! 
For those who CAN memorize whole words, the games help them identify the codes in words with greater speed to build automaticity. Their reading flows and comprehension improves. It's also valuable preparation for reading longer, multi-syllable words with accuracy. 
The games are the highlight of every lesson.  “Do we get to play a game today?” Many of the words will appear in the new Go Phonics decodable story and future stories. If the student falters with some words during reading, just pull out the game for that code and play it again. 
The games should be played with supervision by someone with good reading skills. They are designed so that if the parent/teacher is the other player, the student reads both his own card and her card (but she gets the points). That way, the student gets double the practice. They can be used one-on-one, in small groups, on game days, or as an after school activity. 

Go Phonics builds-in lots of decoding practice.
"I didn’t realize the power of the games until I really started using them. It’s fluency work! It’s grammar work! It’s vocabulary work! They’re not the dessert. They’re like the appetizers, getting you ready to eat!"    Monica H., 1st grade teacher - WI
This is a tremendous program.
"The lesson guides have been very clear. It’s all right there. My daughter has really glommed-on to the games. What really makes it for us is the games."   
Shirley H., home educator - AK

Go Phonics has been well worth the investment.
"I use Go Phonics as a supplement program and I use the games a lot. They're quick little games. A student isn't going to be excited to spend another 20 to 40 minutes of reading instruction unless I can make it fun—"Wait 'til you see the game we're going to play today."  I pull out a game for quick reinforcement for 2 to 5 minutes. They feel like they've had some fun. Go Phonics game art is well done, not babyish.  I've gotten a lot of mileage out of these games—the cards have held up well.  I can reorganize them for my needs. I use the game boards for additional games I've thought up to widen the instruction. I take them with me wherever I go." 
Penny C., Orton-Gillingham certified school dyslexia therapist, evaluator, tutor - TX
I found the games to be a great benefit to the class.
"I used the Go Phonics Program during a long-term substitute position teaching 2nd grade struggling readers.  I started out by introducing the games in small group settings.  The students loved the games and couldn’t wait to play the next ones. It improved their vocabulary, reading skills, and thinking skills. Fridays were game day. The students looked forward to it and were excited to play and learn from these games.
    "I suggest making time to work the games into your busy reading schedules, or into spelling. There are so many creative ways of using them and the best part is the students love playing them, which really encourages learning... All of my students were reading at grade level by the end of the year.  I attribute this to this wonderful program." 

Mary D., reading specialist – AK


Product Details


Foundations for Learning, LLC
Sylvia S. Davison, author
Holly L. Davison, illustrator
(2nd Ed. Revised August 1, 2013)
Cardboard carry case w/handle

Product Dimensions: 
18 × 11.5 × 2.9 in
Product Weight: 
8 lb

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