Teacher* Program Package, Levels 1-5



Teacher* Program Package, Levels 1-5

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Sylvia S. Davison, author & Holly L. Davison, illustrator

Includes: Go Phonics 50 Game Set and

Teacher* Ed. Basic Kit (BLMP workbooks,...)

  • Multi-sensory phonics with K-2 language arts
  • Orton-Gillingham based (effective for dyslexia)
  • K-2 curriculum and remedial K-4th and older
  • Guided lessons for direct instruction
  • Integrated tools include: 50 phonics games,
  • Set of 5 workbooks, 7 volumes of decodable stories


Product Code: GPTP3105
ISBN-13: 978-1933546278




Teacher* Edition Basic Kit & Go Phonics 50 Game Set 

Teacher* Edition Basic Kit:  This has the program's instructional materials for Levels 1-5. This offering is for teachers and tutors with *Blackline master permission (BLMP) to duplicate for/use with multiple students in your teacher setting: the 5 workbooks, assessments, and blackline masters for 3 short stories (excerpts from Level 1 storybook) and 5 B&W charts. See kit contents below.

Go Phonics 50 Game Set: These games provide the vital word decoding practice as preparation for reading each decodable story (Levels 1-5). This practice time is a wise investment, and it's fun! Students increases code/sound recognition to read a body of text more fluently. Sentences flow for better comprehension. It also prepares them for accurately reading the longer, multi-syllable words they'll encounter from 3rd grade on. The game set provides over 1400 cards (with 2 card trays for easy storage).

Go Phonics Basic Kit includes:

Teacher’s Guide  

Go Phonics Basic Skills Assessments

Set of 5 Workbooks Levels 1-5
108 Letter Cards Set

Key Word Chart Set: 3 Key Word / 1 Prefix and Suffix Chart 

Songbook with audio CD 

Word Lists book 

1 Set of 7 Storybook Volumes Levels 1-5 (7 titles):  
   Level 1: Scat! Short a Stories, 8 stories/110 pages
   L2: The Fat Cat - Short Vowel Stories, 22st/86p

   L2: Jack’s Cap - More SV Stories, 21st/96p
   L3: Sue and Joe's Pies - Long Vowel Stories, 9st/64p

   L3: Noses and Roses-More LV Stories, 9st/64p 
   L4: My Turn - Vowels Controlled by r & l, 10st/88p
   L5: Cooking on the Front Burner -

        Stories with More Vowel Pairs 13st/118p  
Go Phonics 50 Games Set includes:

11 full color laminated game boards 

4 full color spinner cards
Over 1400 full color game cards  

2 game card trays, full color carry case (box)

Game Rules Guide  
Game pieces (4 spinners, 3 pawns, 16 chips)
(Some de-perforating & assembly required

Product Details


Foundations for Learning, LLC

Sylvia S. Davison, author

Holly L. Davison, illustrator

(2nd Ed. 2005, Updated 2010)
Paperback, in laminated box 

Plastic covers on spiral bound readers 

Product Dimensions: 
18.4 × 11.7 × 6 in
Product Weight: 
19 lb

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