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Go Phonics is for Teachers/Tutors and Parents

The Go Phonics Reading Program is offered as the Home Edition with consumable workbooks (written in by the student), and the Teacher Edition includes BLMP - blackline master permission to duplicate (and/or use with multiple students) in your classroom, tutoring or home setting the following: 5 workbooks, assessments, and additional blackline masters that are included (3 Level One short a story masters, 5 chart master set -- key words, prefix/suffix, letter formation).

Everything needed to teach a student is in the Go Phonics Basic Kit. The Go Phonics 50 Game Set is the other program component. It provides word decoding practice in support of each explicit phonics lesson. This is valuable preparation for reading the decodable stories with greater fluency and accuracy. This practice also helps older students train the brain to recognize and distinguish between the codes in words more automatically. Without this ability, the 2nd syllable in a word can be misread and the meaning lost.

To reduce start-up costs you can get the Go Phonics Basic Kit first and start by teaching or reviewing Level 1: Alphabet. (There are two Level 1 card games included.) When you’re ready to start Level 2 - Short Vowels, order the remaining 48 phonics games that support Levels 2-5 lessons. Use the Special Offer that comes with a basic kit purchase: $10 off the Go Phonics 50 Game Set. That offer is good for 1 year from the date of purchase (nontransferable).

To teach small groups add more storybook volumes (the number of students in a reading group), and the Key Word Card Set of 96. These are 5.5” x 7.5” cards for teaching each code in the 11" x 17" Key Word Charts.

The Go Phonics Tutorials

These on-line videos are for purchasers of the Go Phonics Program (either the Basic Kit or Program Package). They serve as coaching for the instructor (both parents and teachers). Presented by program author and veteran teacher, Sylvia S. Davison, the segments cover all 79 lessons.
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Go Phonics Basic Kit Contents:
Go Phonics Basic Skills Assessments
Teacher’s Guide
7 Storybook Volumes Levels 1-5:
L1: Scat! Short a Stories
L2: The Fat Cat - Short Vowel Stories
L2: Jack’s Cap - More SV Stories
L3: Sue and Joe's Pies - Long Vowel Stories
L3: Noses and Roses-More LV Vowel Stories
L4: My Turn - Vowels Controlled by r & l
L5: Cooking on the Front Burner - More VP
Set of 5 Workbooks Levels 1-5
108 Letter Cards Set
Key Word Chart Set of 3 & Prefix & Suffix
Songbook with audio CD
Word Lists book
2 Level One Card Games**
**When purchased without game set

Go Phonics 50 Game Set Contents:
Over 1400 game cards
11 laminated game boards
4 spinner cards
Game Rules Guide
2 card trays (game card storage)
Carry case
Game pieces
   Some deperforating & assembly

Program Options:


Teacher* Program Package:

• Go Phonics Basic Kit & 50 Game Set

*Permission to duplicate for a class the set of workbooks, assessments, and added blackline master items

For reading groups add more:
• Storybook Volumes (for the # in a group)
• 1 Key Word Card Set
• MORE Letter Card Sets (Organize a set for each group.)


HOME** Program Package:

• Go Phonics Basic Kit & 50 Game Set

** Includes 1 Set of consumable workbooks



PURCHASERS can add to their order:

Go Phonics E-Tutorials
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