I taught my daughter to read in spite of her disability.

I homeschooled my daughter using the Go Phonics Program. She entered public school this year as a 3rd grader. As I knew, she was put in special ed. The amazing part is the teachers and the principal noticed what a good reader she was. They all said she would not be at grade level if it was not for homeschooling. This is my daughter who could not read 3 letter words at the beginning of 1st grade. They are keeping her in special ed so she does not fall behind. Her main teacher commented on what a good reader she was and how she could tell I worked with her. This is only possible because of your amazing program!!!
Christina B., home educator – AK

The one word that kept coming up again and again with regard to Go Phonics is confidence! We are not seeing the frustration at all from the students (or the teachers). And the ones who are NOT interested to begin with, the games pull them in!

Monica H., 1st grade teacher - WI

We have absolutely loved Go Phonics!

We started Go Phonics when my daughter started kindergarten. We have absolutely loved it! I became interested in using Go Phonics shortly after I was diagnosed with dyslexia as an adult. It was my daughter's difficulty with learning the alphabet that led to my own diagnosis, so I wanted to start out with a strong, Orton Gillingham based program. Go Phonics has been wonderful! We have loved the games, the multisensory approach, the well illustrated stories with interesting characters, and the workbooks with just the right balance of being visually interesting without being distracting.


My daughter has developed an avid love for reading -- it is her favorite subject in school. It has meant the world to me to see her eagerness to read anything she can get her hands on. What a gift to have had such a strong program starting out, and not to have gone through the heartache of reading being a burden and struggle!
A. Weber, home educator – MN

It’s been the best reading program I have found.

I just want to share that I have used the Go Phonics Reading Program with all three of my children. One has language-based challenges, another was internationally adopted as an older child (ESL). It has been the best program I have found (and we went through quite a few), and both children are excellent readers now. Go Phonics features multi-sensory, sequential phonics instruction. I especially like the mastery approach the program uses - teaching each phonics skill for mastery before moving on. We also used the program on my oldest (an accelerated reader) in a remedial way, to brush up on the phonics skills she missed; however, she did not learn to read using Go Phonics (I wish she had).
Natalie H., home educator - AK

Go Phonics made it all click.

This program has helped both my children tremendously. The oldest is nine and has severe ADHD in addition to dyslexia. The program really holds his interest as well as my 7 year old's. They love the games and also enjoy the workbooks and stories. We've done other programs, but Go Phonics made it all click. It has made a world of difference and has really built his confidence level. The first grader, who doesn't have problems, is moving through the program smoothly and quickly. Franca L., home educator - NC

Go Phonics is covering the Common Core Standards.

As I go through the year teaching Go Phonics I check off the common core standards being covered as I go. It’s all being addressed, except the non-fiction versus fiction component is missing. To cover that, I supplement with the leveled books that have that, as well as discuss it during creative telling and writing and reading stories aloud to the students. Monica H., 1st grade teacher - WI

My parents are amazed at their children’s progress.

I just had to write to you and thank you for your “most successful” phonics program. This has been the second year I have used Go Phonics in my kindergarten classroom and I want to shout from the rooftop how well my kids are reading and writing! Their accomplishments have been absolutely amazing! Your methods started them from day one holding their pencil the correct way, and have eliminated letter reversals. Your beginning (short a stories) gave them instant success with reading.


One group is now half way through Level Two (short vowels) reading each new story with enthusiasm and pride. I also have another group in Level Three (long vowels) reading with ease. This program is so very teacher friendly and it supplies everything needed to teach no matter what the individual students’ needs are. That is essential today when we teachers are given students with such a wide array of beginning capabilities and special needs! My parents are so very happy and amazed at their children’s progress. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me these valuable tools enabling me to have achieved such success in my classroom!
Rita N., kindergarten teacher - GA

We used it over the summer and it worked!

I ordered the Go Phonics Program at the end of April to work with my son over the summer. He’s 10 years old going from 4th into 5th grade and was testing out at a .8 reading level. At that time he didn't know all of his consonants, had tracking problems, and had possible dyslexia.


On the last day of August, we finished the program with the last story, “Soup for the King,” and we celebrated that night by having soup. I never would have believed it was possible at the beginning of the summer. I didn’t know what I was going to do if this program didn’t work. But we worked very hard on it over the summer and it did work! I just ordered another set of workbooks for my second grade daughter. I’m going to have my son help with the instruction -- because you retain it so much more when you have to teach it to someone else.

You asked me how my 10-year old felt about playing the games and reading the books. He loved the games, and the stories were interesting and sometimes very appropriate. We took a trip to Yellowstone this summer and the story about Yellowstone Park fit right in. He didn't feel this material talked down to him at all.
Brenda K., parent

This has been absolute fun

I'm thrilled with this product. This has been absolute fun--- especially if you have a resistant child with possible dyslexia. Having Go Phonics makes it a lot easier. I’m just a mom and I don’t have the credentials for doing this, but I am actually teaching my child to read.
Gayle S., parent – MI

I struggled through a lot of programs.

My oldest daughter has dyslexia and I struggled through many different programs. Go Phonics turned her failures into triumphs. She’s reading at grade level and her confidence has soared! I started my younger one at age 5. She’s almost done and has loved the program, especially the stories (good characters and plots). Now she reads all the time. I would heartily recommend Go Phonics. The success it has achieved with two very different learning styles attests to its effectiveness.
Kim K., home school advisor, home educator – NJ

I loved what I experienced with this program.

I used the Go Phonics Program during a long-term substitute position for 7 months of the school year, teaching 2nd grade struggling readers. I was introduced to Go Phonics at a workshop by the Anchorage School District. I found the games to be a great benefit. The students loved them. It improved their vocabulary, reading skills and thinking skills. The books are wonderful. The words in the games are tied to the books. I loved what I experienced in working with this program. All of my students were reading at grade level by the end of the year. I attribute this to this wonderful program.
Mary D., reading specialist – AK

Teachers need to better understand the science of reading.

That’s why we had a three-day LETRS workshop for our teachers in August — to help them understand WHY they are teaching these things. It aligns well with the way author Sylvia S. Davison has designed the Go Phonics Reading Program. All the areas that students can mix up, Sylvia puts them in there (like tr sounding like ch).
Monica H., 1st grade teacher - WI

Go Phonics Home Educator Review:

Our family began our home education journey when our oldest child was entering Kindergarten. While I have some background in education, my degree was not in this field. I understood how essential the skill of reading is for life success and felt it imperative to use an excellent curriculum in these foundational years.


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